Benefits Of Having a Dog


What happens inside your heart when you take a look at your floppy, goofy, innocent and adorable-looking puppy/dog? I guess you do have butterflies in your tummy and a joy in your heart.  

Pets have outstanding abilities to change your better life for the better. They offer more than companionship. They do wonders to our well-being.

According to this study published in a Journal of Psychiatric Research, adopting a pet could offer respite to those with severe depression which has low rates of remission and can’t be easily treated with antidepressant medications or psychotherapy.

Here are 12 amazing reasons of having a four-foot friend as companion:

  • They improve our health: Having a dog as companion lowers cholesterol and build its owners’ immune system against disease. Health expert recommends 2-3 hours exercise weekly, our best four-foot friend help with daily walks which help to keep their owners’ heart strong and fit.
  • They improve our social health: Pets are seen as potential conversation starter especially in parks as passerby might likely ask the pets’ owner certain questions tends to lead to friendship. So, we can say that pets help introverts to become extroverts.
  • They improve our self-esteem:  Taking a walk every day with our dog builds our self-esteem as it helps us to lose weight, feel good about ourselves and meet various people we wouldn’t want to meet.
  • They help our kids educationally:  Kids can build their confidence in school if they practice their school work in front of their dogs. This practice helps to reduce stress and anxiety in the kids.
  • They are one source of happiness:  Are you depressed? Get a dog. A dog’s regular routine lifestyle forces you to a steady activity that can help your depression. Just looking at your pet, puts a smile on your face and on your heart.
  • Help to lessen frequent visits to the hospital: Getting a dog for our aged parents/guardians helps as they visit the doctor lesser because dogs can detect and manage illnesses. They also help to maintain emotional stability.
  • They help to discover your inner person: according to a study, pet owners were categorized into one or more of these five personality types: extroverted, agreeable, conscientious, emotionally stable, and intelligent and creative. Whatever personality you are, your dog will bring out the best in you.
  • We learn the value of love from them: Dogs are known to have unconditional love and loyalty for their owners. No matter how long you leave them or how sad you may be, dogs wager their tails in excitement every time they set their eyes on you.
  • They provide home security:  Either you are living in a high violent community or not, you will need a dog to alert you of impending danger. Having a dog save cost of using surveillance at home as they are really expensive.
  • Giving your kids a sense of responsibility: You and your kids can be involved actively in taking good care of your pets. A dog takes a lot of your time. They have to be fed, trained, walked and disciplined. The whole family can learn beautiful life skills from taking care of a dog.
  • Entertaining you and your family: You can never be bored when you have a dog. Their silly and funny behavior can make you laugh and amused. If you are lonely, you can watch a movie or play a game of fetch in a park. It really FUN!!!
  • Great family members: most especially if you have them as a puppy and train them to an adult dog. They attach themselves to all members of the family and they are very loyal.

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Have a pet today and you will be glad you did

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