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Taking your dogs for car rides at the back seat or front seat is fun. But what happens when there is an accident? Car Seat belts save us when accidents happen. What saves our pets? We we start thinking about the best dog crate for car?

What if cars have crash proof back seat carriers specifically designed for dogs or cat? Be it a small dog or crates for bigger dogs, the best dog crate for car are about to be reviewed and they are readily available in the market.

Some of these crates have been crash tested to keep your dog safe all through the journey across the country.There are Large Crates that can fit into the back seat of your regular cars.

According to a study, research revealed that 45 per cent do not secure their pets every time they drive, thereby putting their pets lives at risk

In This Article

At Pet Them All, we bring you some of the best dog crate for car that would not put a hole in your pockets.We have brought you different sizes and shapes out there for you to choose from.

Because it may be difficult to choose, we are going to analyze the advantages of these crates, so we will guide you in details on choosing the best for your pet. If you want to know the best crates for car, please find them below.

What to look out for when choosing a dog crate

5 Best dog crate for car

EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate


This item is well made soft crate for your beloved pet so it is highly recommended by vets, meanwhile assembling it to fit into your car is very easy. Compared to metal crates, it is light weight and comes with a protective travel carrier. When not used in the car, it is easy to move around.

It is of a good quality and super easy to set up. Some have used it for their German shepherd dogs and they feel comfortable in it. The Pad at the bottom of the crate is waterproof, but you could put towels in it in case.

It comes in various sizes and colours from 24″ x 14″ to 42″ x 28″.
The frame is made up of strong steel for durability.

Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed


If your pet weighs between 8 and 15 pounds, then this is the right luxury carrier for it.It has been crash tested in case of accidents as you want to keep your pet safe, and it is CPS Certified. Just like the ELiteField, this Sleepy Mobile Pet Bed has a washable bedding which has a waterproof foam lining inside that’s very comfortable for your pets.


This item even comes with an instruction card. Comes with a shoulder strap to keep the pod in place while you travel, but at the same time, meanwhile, it is awkward to carry around with the shoulder strap.

Highly recommended pet carrier which has plenty of room for smaller breeds to move around in. This mobile pet bed is worth the price.It comes in different colours also.

Advantages: Soft Sided interior, Crash Tested, CPS Certified, No Assembly required, Washable bedding, high quality.

Disadvantage: Not recommended for air travel, no feet under the bed.

Midwest Side-by-Side Double Door SUV Crate with Plastic Pan


This metal dog crate is designed for SUVs, Vans, and other cars. It is very fitting for your Large breed dogs that are up to 90 lbs and other pets that are medium sized.It comes in various sizes and it is easy to set up.

It has 2 access doors – side by side, front and rear for easier access. You could build a platform to raise the crates above the wheel wells, they would fit perfectly.

Different Uses of Midwest Side-By-Side Double Door SUV Crate

It is well made so your dog can turn around inside it without hurting itself. If you have an extra hand, this could make it easier to put together. This crate would fit perfectly at the back seat of a big vehicle like a Sedan and Large SUV.

You can carry a dog or a cat in this crate. If you have a German Shepherd that is up to 80 lbs, this is the right crate for your car. The wires used are much strong than regular crates.You don’t want your dog messing up the car seat. It is highly recommended by


Petmate Sky Kennel


This is a heavy duty non corrosive mostly plastic crate. Comes in various sizes ranging from 21″ in Length to 48″ in Length, large enough to house a large dog.The bolts and nuts are made from high quality plastics but some have decided to change them to metal.

This is one of the best most secure kennel for flying, but not without some form of modifications. Just like other crates, it is easy to put together. It could be pretty light considering the size ordered. While purchasing, try to add a water and food bowl that can be attached to the door.

Very Easy To Assemble And Set Up

Even though some sizes can be large, they are easy to assemble and carry. The Sky Kennel seems to be the generally accepted standard for airline approved crates for air travel. Airlines would require you to stick “Live Animal” sticker on the crate.

It is easy to put the metal nuts and bolts when modified or changed from the plastics.The lock mechanism can be a bit tricky to operate at times, so you have to be careful to make sure the door is aligned properly with the side of the crate.

Smaller pets have plenty of room to play around in it. Note that is also has a 360 Degree Ventilation


Snoozer Lookout Car Seat


If all you require is a luxury dog crate for your pet during car rides, then this Snoozer Lookout Car Seat is the right pick for you. For safety, it has shoulder and lap belts in case of minor crashes. The softness is like an actual car seat, meanwhile, setting it up is very easy and the pets get used to it in no time.

Advantages of the Snooker Lookout Car Seat

It is high enough for your dog to see out the window, very good if your dog loves window viewing while travelling, it will be able to look out right from inside this car seat.

We highly recommend this for small dogs and medium breed dogs. of course it has plenty of room for them.

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