Best Size Crate For German Shepherd Puppy


When choosing a crate for your German Shepherd, you would want a crate that lets your dog stand straight and turn around in it. But while choosing the best size crate for German shepherd puppy, you would want to consider the dog as it grows, so you won’t need to be changing or purchasing another crate.

In this article we highlight some of the right size crates you can get in the stores. Some crates are up to 84 inches which is ideal for a full grown dog weighing between 90 and 110 pounds. What your GSD requires is not really a puppy crate, but a crate that would house your full grown dog since german shepherd dogs grow fast up to 42 inch dog growth.

Most importantly when choosing a crate, look out for the qualities below:

  • the right crate size, measurements and dimensions
  • Designed for comfort, safety and flexibility.
  • A well constructed crate that is durable and would be able to stand the test of time.
  • Easy to install materials.
  • Do you plan to make it its future house? What are your plans when it grows?
  • Would you want a crate that can double up as a travel crate?

What we have done

We have reviewed and found some good crates for German Shepherd puppy for you to make a choice and choose from, so, find them below. We will let you decide the Best Size crate for German shepherd puppy by yourself after the reviews

Top Best Crate For German Shepherd Puppy

MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate


The iCrate the “ALL INCLUSIVE DOG CRATE This crate comes with a free divider panel for small dogs or puppies. It comes with two heavy duty slide-bolt latches so, they firmly lock dog crate door in place keeping your dog safely inside their dog crate.

You can set this crate up in few minutes. Certainly this crate is an ideal crate, most noteworthy is its lightness if you decide to move it around or as a result of re-arranging your home, you want to change its position. Therefore, we highly recommend this wire crate for your dog.


  • highly recommended for German Shepherd
  • Big enough as it has plenty of room for larger dogs to move around
  • Easy to turn around and to clean.
  • Rollers underneath for easy moving around.
  • It comes in various sizes.

Few Disadvantages

  • In contrast to the car crate for dogs, this has no clips to hold it tight to your car seat.
  • It has openings or ventilation all round, hence the dog has no privacy.
  • It is not a car friendly crate.

AmazonBasics Single Door & Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate


This Dog Crate is easy to set and put together. It is well made with plenty of room and a great price for your German Shepherd.Come with a super easy double door that makes it easy to put your pet in there or move around in the house when doing your usual routine home re-arrangement.

This crate is very similar to the Midwest Lifestages crates. The metal used is coated, but not rubber coated.


Some Features of AmazonBasics Single Door & Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate

  • Double-Door Design
  • Durable Metal Construction
  • Versatile Divider Panel
  • Easy Set Up & Folds Flat for Storage


Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Wire Kennel


If you see that you German Shepherd puppy is going to grow up and be a big beautiful dog, and you wouldn’t want to change its house, then you need this Large size good quality, well made welded wire crate.

Your dog will feel so free and at home because of its plenty of room. You don’t need to reinforce all the gaps with chicken wire if you intend to get this crate for your cat.

The gaps on the bottom, between the panels and next to the door are nowhere near big enough for cats to squeeze themselves out.

Features of this Welded Crate

  • Assembled dimensions: 8 x 4 x 6 feet with cover installed, 8 x 4 x 5 feet without cover
  • It is made of heavy duty steel with rust resistant wire to withstand the test of time and are welded before coating to prevent sharp edges
  • Fully enclosed waterproof tarp cover with steel roof frame protect your canine friend from sun, snow, or rain
  • Pre assembled panels and gate set up in a few minutes with easy to use clamps so you won’t need any tools
  • Roof cover features UV protection that keeps it like new longer

PawHut 10′ x 10′ x 6′ Outdoor Chain Link Box Kennel Dog House with Cover – Silver


This out door Crate is good when you have more than one dog and you need them somewhere around the compound away from the main building.

Some Features of the PawHut Crate

  • SPACIOUS INTERIOR: There is plenty of room for your pets to enjoy exercise, play, and other outside activities in a pet-friendly environment.
  • DURABLE STEEL FRAME: Strong galvanized metal frame ensures years of use, and Light enough when relocating.
  • SAFE AND SECURE: Keeps your pets safe from predators, the weather, and other hazards while outdoors and are suitable for most medium animals including dogs, cats, and chickens.
  • PROTECTIVE TARP COVERING: A durable UV and water-resistant tarp cover helps keep your pets protected from the weather and outside elements. Increased UV protection prevents ripping, cracking, fading or peeling while durable elastic cords hold the cover securely to the frame for a snug fit. The pitched roof allows water, debris, and light snow to easily run off instead of accumulating.

AmazonBasics Folding Soft Dog Crate for Crate-Trained Dogs


This Crate is foldable, Super-Light weight, and very easy to set up. Comes in different sizes from 21″ to 42″. If you need to put your dog close to your bed when you sleep, this is the right crate for that purpose.

The 42″ would fit just right for your grown German Shepherd dogs. There are no carry handles when it’s opened but When it’s folded up there is a handle at the top.

It is easy to set up, a good quality crate that folds flat and fits perfectly for crate trained puppies, Meanwhile, it its light weight too.


Features of the AmazonBasics Folding Soft Dog Crate for Crate-Trained Dogs

  • Durable, Comfortable Design
  • Window Ventilation
  • Front and Top Doors
  • Portable Convenience
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