Some FAQs About Feeding Your Puppies

Find Below some Questions always asked about Feeding your Puppy


Are there any differences between adult dog food and food for puppies?

Yes. The differences between the two are very significant, onsidering the food compositions. Most Puppy food contains about 30% protein, and are high in fat content to give puppies the required energy they need while growing up. They contains vitamins and minerals that your puppy needs to remain healthy. The daily nutritional requirements of puppy food is twice that of adult foods.

Should puppies eat regular food?

No. Puppies should not eat regular dog food, SInce puppy foods are specifically formulated for their growing needs.Therefore, If a puppy feeds on adult food, they can become sick.

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When should your dog stop feeding on puppy food?

Dogs should be fed puppy food until they get to about 80% of their adult size, Meanwhile, the reverse cannot be the case. Your vet can recommend for you to determine if it s the right time to change from puppy food to adult foods.

Should puppies eat wet foods?

Yes. Puppies can and should eat wet puppy food, but you need to find out that the food is specifically made for pups and not for adults dogs, because feeding them adult food would get them stomach problems.

Wet food are easy to chew and swallow. While dry food clean your puppy’s teeth, wet food would not do the same, this would require your dog’s teeth to be cleaned routinely.

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